Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

We offer quality, evidence based youth programming for youth in Fremont, Nebraska and surrounding communities.

Our Programs Include:
-a summer program in collaboration with Fremont's Summer Lunch Program
-an after-school program
-a one-on-one mentoring program

Aspire's programs focus on the whole child: social, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Our programs include activities and instruction that help the youth we serve by building character, learning new skills, entrepreneurship, life skills (aka adulting), knowing your worth, discovering your talents, employability, volunteering, and setting and reaching your goals.

Where are you based out of?

We are a locally-grown non-profit, started by members of the Fremont community and surrounding communities, for the sole purpose of providing quality, faith-based programming for Fremont area youth. Our roots run deep in this community and we are passionate about serving specifically the youth in Fremont and surrounding communities. We are deeply invested in this mission as stakeholders ourselves in the greater Fremont community.

What are the requirements to be a mentor for Aspire?

Aspire's mentoring program is a year long program that requires mentors to meet with their mentee in public places or at the mentee's home with the parents/guardians present. Our program is great for an adult who would enjoy meeting their mentee for ice cream in the summer and talking about future goals, or meeting their mentee at the YMCA ice skating rink in the winter for a fun activity, or running in a race together to encourage one another. Because our program allows meeting outside of school it is not hindered by pandemic related visitor restriction at a school should there be a breakout. The mentors and mentees are free to meet throughout the year at agreed upon places and times if both parties are comfortable doing so.

Aspire will also offer fun events quarterly for mentors and mentees to attend together, as well as provide mentors with content and other activities throughout the year to ensure Aspire mentors always have resources available.

Mentors must be at least 19 years of age or older, able to pass a background check, attend a three hour initial training, spend 4 hours a month with their mentee, and make a year long commitment to their mentee. If you are interested in being a mentor in the life of a young person, but feel our program is not the right fit, please look into the Fremont Teammates program, which meets during the school year, at the student's school over lunch. 

How do your programs address the spiritual aspect?

We believe there is immense power in the word of God. Studies also show that people who identify as "religious" are generally happier, healthier, more hopeful, and more involved in their communities. 

Aspire is not associated with any specific denomination or interested in any type of indoctrination. We do however know that there is wisdom, guidance, and encouragement found in the Bible and we strive to share those truths with the youth, without feeling pressured in any way. We believe that every person was created on purpose, for a purpose, and we believe that to be true of every youth in our program. We want them to know that they matter, they are cared for, and they have a purpose in life. We believe that these statements transcend all the areas of a youth's life and impact them overall in a positive way.

How do your programs address the physical aspect?

Physical activity is an important part of our overall health. This is becoming increasingly important as the obesity levels in children continue to rise. Obesity leads to a number of additional health problems, makes our bodies more susceptible to illness, and increases the risk of complications or death with an illness.

The Dodge County Extension Office has partnered with Aspire to offer the Marathon Kids program to the youth in our program. Marathon Kids provides the youth with education on physical activity, as well as the opportunity to run daily and track their miles. This great program is offered at Aspire's after-school program and summer program.

In addition to Marathon Kids we offer game time that can involve physical activity, and thanks to generous donors in the community we have been provided with soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, and four square balls for game time so we can have fun and be active. Nutrition classes are also offered to educate our youth on healthy lifestyles.

How do your programs address the social, emotional, and mental aspect?

As the suicide rate in youth and young adults continues to rise, it is increasingly important to address these aspects and equip our youth with skills and resources. In a world of excess screen time, this is an ever increasing challenge.

As adults we can see someone else's life on social media and instantly feel discouraged about our own lives. Youth not only have those same feelings, but are also trying to figure out who they are, what makes them special, how to interact with their peers, where to go to school, what to do for a future career, and many other challenges.

For those reasons, Aspire is dedicated to providing youth with resources for improved mental health and social and emotional well-being.